Hair Dripp /Hair Mist


Shipping to United States: $6.50

Pretti Scentz Hair Dripp is for natural or synthetic hair. Hair Dripp💧 is a perfumed hair oil, used to bring a nice hi shine to your natural and hair synthetic hair a it adds a nice fragrance in between washes and promotes hair growth. I‘ve combine jojoba oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil and other ingredients, all that goodness mixed together I’ve created a WHOLE hair snacc. Coupled with your favorite Prettti Scentz fragrance you’ll be smelling scrumptious from head to toe, when you purchase your selected scent in a body oil and lotion, you can thank me later..!!

Hair Dipp is for use on ALL HAIR TYPES.. my causian clients love it, they say its helps with FIZZ Control..!

Hair drip comes in Squeeze bottle w/ a pour spout, or in a Spray bottle..

The newest product is a Fine Mist Spray Bottle with less force and more mist, the continuous spray time is 3-4 seconds, The liquid is sprayed evenly for a lighter feel. Who says Oil and Water Don’t Mixx..!!

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