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Hello My little Pretti’s
My name is Katrina’ Prettima’ Jackson, I’m a proud grandmother of six grand babies. My grandchildren call me Prettima a name my sister bestowed upon me because being called grandma wasn’t gonna cut it for me!

I started making my own body oils well over 20 yrs ago but started to get serious about it in 2016, I began with basic essential oils like lavender and peppermints trying to make something for headaches my lil concoctions worked so then I moved on to trying to duplicate my favorite perfumes, in doing so I created fragrances even better than the expensive department store brands with the benefit of being naturally made and long lasting.

Everywhere I went people would comment on how good I smelled I mean everywhere , then they began asking where could they purchase my fragrances from, I would respond ‘ oh I don’t sell it, I make these for myself’! That changed eater quickly.

I then started creating scents for my grandchildren, those oils not only smelled delicious they are also good for their skin and help with cradle cap. In 2019 I added some additional relief oils such as Migraine/ Headache relief, oils for Eczema and Psoriasis relief to name a few and lastly I welcomed my Mens line and Hair Care to the family.

I have customers just by ‘word of mouth that tickles me, folks really like my products! I’ve been encouraged to take a leap, so here I am taking a leap of faith and making Pretti Scentz available for everyone, I truely believe when you smell good, you feel good and what’s better than some authentic ‘ Smell Goods from me’??

All my products are made with love and invisible sparkle dust so allow me to spread some love so everyone can shine,

Thanx Pretti

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